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Welcome to the California Geographical Survey, an Internet resource created by Dr. William A. Bowen, professor of geography emeritus, and formerly a long-time member of the California State University, Northridge faculty. The Survey operates for the benefit of the students and faculty throughout the world. It is the California Geographical Survey's intention to provide a variety of important geographic resources to the entire Internet community.

Users of this site are encouraged to support educators and children in their own local community. They are encouraged, also, to join those organizations that support geographic education and research. Among these are the:
California Geographic Society, Los Angeles Geographical Society, Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, Association of American Geographers, National Council for Geographic Education, Canadian Association of Geographers, Royal Geographical Society, Société de Géographie (France), German Association For Geography, and the National Geographic Society's EdNet. You are encouraged to send questions, concerns, and corrections via email to Dr. Bowen.

The materials of the California Geographical Survey are available without restrictions to scholars for non-profit, classroom use. Individual students and teachers everywhere throughout the world are specifically granted the right to use all materials for class assignments and lectures. Other persons should be aware that the original works contained within this geographic archive are copyrighted and the sole property of Dr. William A. Bowen. Commercial use of such copyrighted materials without the permission of the owner is strictly forbidden. In some cases, the author may extend additional legal rights to specific individuals and groups when he deems it to be in the public interest. Dr. Bowen's work is not funded by any government agency or private sponsor. His work is not in the public domain. Every item is copyrighted and is distributed with the clear understanding that its use for commercial and non-commercial purposes outside of public classrooms is forbidden without his expressed approval. Please contact Dr. Bowen for additional information concerning copyright issues and commercial projects.